Article IV: Officers

Section 1: Clan Leadership

  • The Clan shall be led by a Council of Officers. This Council will consist of at least 4 but not more than 8 officers
  • All members who have passed their probation period are eligible for a vacant officer position. See section 5 for details.
  • A current list of officers will be provided to any member upon request.

Section 2: Terms of Office

  • Officer terms are for life, barring impeachment or voluntary resignation.

Section 3: Requirements of each officer.

  • They must attend at least (2) clan events each month.
  • They must attend at least 1 clan meeting every quarter.(this does not count as an event)
  • They must commit at least 2 hours per week outside of Events & Meetings to be available to talk with and help the general membership of the clan. They will announce they are available on the Blackwolf Channel of the Amunet and/or lnet and will do their best to do this during active hours when other members are around.

Section 4: Duties of officers
Chairperson (First Chair)

  • Leader of the Black Wolves Clan
  • Supervisor and controller of all activities of the house
  • Creates Committees as needed.
  • Insure all Officers are fulfilling their duties
  • Designates a Second Chair to carry out the duties of the Chairperson is unable or unavailable.


  • Receives and deposits all clan funds into the proper accounts as agreed upon by the Officers.
  • Monitors and Reports the status of the Clan funds at all public meetings.

Other Officers

  • The other Officers will perform duties as delegated by the Chairperson.
  • These duties may include but are not limited to:
    • Presiding over Meetings.
    • Helping & assisting other officers as needed.
    • Submitting reports of Clan Events
    • Maintaining Records of the Clan Members and Activity.
    • Tracking of probationary members to make sure they have completed all requirements.
    • Conducting Induction Ceremony.
    • Planning of events and recording attendance at Black Wolves Events.
    • Preparing and sending Town Crier messages.
    • Event reporting to HMO GM.

 Section 5: Removal of Officers

  •  An officer can be automatically removed from their position for dereliction of duties (such as disappearing without notification in excess of 60 days).
  •  Clan Officers may vote to remove any fellow officer (including the chairperson) by majority vote. This is an extreme action and should only be done if said active officer is no longer acting in the best interests of the clan. If this vote succeeds said officer will be removed from his post and possibly expelled from the clan depending on the situation.
  •  Clan Officers including the Chairperson may also be voted out by the active members of the Clan. This requires that 75% of active members agree that the officer must be removed from their position.

 Section 6: Electing new Officers

 If there is an open position, any officer that wishes to can transfer into that spot (subject to agreement of the officers as a whole). Any vacant position that no officer wishes to fill is open for any members to apply for it. Their intent to apply for the position must be made publicly at the meeting. At the following meeting (giving a minimum of 14 days for officers to talk to all applicants) the Officers will vote between all applicants to determine which of them shall take the open position. If no applicant receives a majority vote then the Chairperson makes the final call between the highest voted applicants.