Article III: Meetings

Section 1: Frequency & Attendance

A. The Clan will hold at least (1) public meeting per month open to all members (date to be determined and always announced by available means).
B. All Public Meetings must have either the Chairperson or Co-Chair and (1) other officer.
C. At each public meeting the Officers are required to give announcements regarding the clan's membership (current pledges & new full members), finances, upcoming events, and other plans they have. Following these announcements there will be a question and answer session as time permits.
D. All meetings will start within 15 minutes of scheduled time
E. Members are expected to respect the speakers at meetings by not being disruptive, speaking out of turn, fidgeting, and so forth.
F. In the case of some very important votes that require all officers, a vote by e-mail may be accepted (this vote must be sent to all officers for transparency)

Section 2: Special meetings.

Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson upon one week's notice to the clans message board, or in 30 days by petition of a majority of the active membership of the house, as forwarded to the officers.

Section 3: Officers Meetings.

The Officers may hold additional "Closed Door" meetings as needed to best manage the clan and this will require 2/3rds of the active officers to be in attendance (Including the chair or co-chair) before it can have any votes cast.