Article II: Membership

 Section 1: Requirements to join.
 If an individual wishes to Pledge to join the clan they must meet the following requirements.

A. Be willing to help others and become part of the family.
B. Be sponsored by (2) clan members in good standing.
C. Undergo Pledging before becoming a full member.
D. Have visited the Trainer at least 10 times.
E. At least two officers are required to induct a new member.
F. Any member may voluntarily resign; however, if a resigned member wishes to return, it must be approved by a majority vote of the Officers Council.

Section 2: Activity Requirements

A. Members must attend at least (1) qualifying event each month (and insure the officers know you are there so you can be checked in).
B. Members must wear their clan membership insignia at all times.

-Note: If you have "Alts" in the clan, they must meet these requirements on their own.


 Section 3: Expectations of Behavior.

A. The Clan will not tolerate the following behaviors towards other clan members: Taking unwanted aggressive action towards each other whether physical, magical,sexual, financial (theft)or in general handling oneself in a way that doesn't befit a Wolf in the community.
B. When casting spells or providing other services at an event or in the name of the Black Wolves, members are prohibited from accepting tips. This does not apply to members providing services on their own such as lockpicking, bardsinging, etc.
C. The courtyard at the manor is off-limits for doing guild or artisan reps. Such activities should be taken to the back yard.