If an individual wishes to join the Clan they must meet the following requirements:


    1. Display a willingness to help others and become part of the family.
    2. Be sponsored by (2) clan members in good standing.
    3. Serve a probationary period of up to 90 days before becoming a full member.
    4. Have visited the Trainer at least 10 times.
    5. Be inducted by two officers.

Probationary members will be issued a Pledge Badge, which must be worn visibly at all times.


Once you pledge you are placed on a probationary period that will range from a minimum of 30 to maximum of 90 days.


During this time you must meet all the following goals:



  • You must not have violated any of the rules, policies, or by-laws set in place by the Black Wolves.
  • You must have attended at least (6) official events either hosted or co-hosted by the Black Wolves.(Please make sure you check in with an officer to be noted)
  • You must attend the Tour of the Wolves Den.

 Failure to complete the above mentioned requirements will result in full membership being denied, and you being required to return the badge. You may re-apply as a pledge at any time if you did not complete the requirements on your previous attempt.


 If you have met all the aforementioned minimum requirements you can be inducted into the clan as a full member.


To apply for membership, use the link below to go to our website and fill out an application.

Joining the Black Wolves