The Black Wolves Clan is a collection of like minded folk that exist for several reasons. We stand as a House united in memorial, and in honor of the original ragtag band of fighters that came to be known as the Black Wolves. We have pledged ourselves to never forget the oppression of those days and to resist tyranny and cruelty wherever we find it.

The second reason is to share a feeling of family. Folk that will laugh at your joke no matter how lame, or maybe laugh at you for having the nerve to tell it the first place, but a laugh none the less. A place you can turn for a slap on the back for a triumph, or a shoulder to lean on in a moment of weakness. And like family in the truest sense of the word, it is not about being right, it's about still being there when the dust settles.

Last but far from least, we exist to serve the community. Be it tasks, advice, spells, healing, smithing, or loresinging, whatever is needed we try to aid as best we can, especially younger adventurers. We have set evenings we do this, but we have a number of members that offer what they're able whenever anyone needs it.


In that spirit, we honor the virtues of Courage, Honor, Loyalty, and Service.